Image Classifier

The application helps you sort a bunch of images into categories. For each category you're interested in, you give the app some example images. It then looks through the rest of the images and tries to predict which category they belong to.

The main workflow of the app is:

  1. Add images folders that you are interested in
  2. Manually categorize some images
  3. Look through the various categories to see the predicted images and manually fix errors by setting their category

If the AI finds your categories easy to figure out, then you will need very few example images (around 3). If it's a harder problem then you may need 20 or more examples.


A project contains a list of all the folders of images you're interested in along with the categories you have created.

Click File, New (⌘N) to start a new project.

A new project will be created with 3 categories: Red, Green, and Blue. However it will not contain any images.

Adding Images

Each project uses a list of image folders that it scans to find images.

To add an image folder, drag it from Finder into the Image Folders section on the left hand side of your project window.

The folder name will appear and you can click it to see the images in it.

The app will begin indexing the images so that it can recognize their contents.

Categorizing Images

You can manually set the category of an image multiple ways:

  1. You can drag it into the category on the left hand side of the window
  2. You can right-click and select the category

You can add new categories by right-clicking in a blank spot on the left hand side and choose Create Category.

You can delete categories by right clicking them and choosing Delete.

Viewing Prediction Results

Prediction results are shown with the predicted category's color.

If you see an error, right click and choose the correct category. The app will use that new information to recategorize the rest of the images.

Exporting Results

To export, select the images you want and drag them out of the app.

The End

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